The MABS Approach

The MABS Approach is a systematic step-by-step approach to developing and implementing microfinance services within a bank utilizing best practices. The objective of the MABS Approach is to equip participating rural banks with the resources and know-how to plan, pilot and expand microfinance operations successfully.

MABS Approach Training and Technical Services (MATTS) Toolkit

The MATTS ToolKit is a standardized series of training modules and technical support to assist banks in adopting the best practices of the MABS Approach to Microfinance.

This series of modules, tools and templates is designed as a guide to assist rural banks in designing and implementing microfinance operations. Banks should understand that dedicated technical assistance from an experienced and accredited MABS Service Provider is needed to properly implement the MABS Approach and apply these materials effectively.

The MATTS ToolKit is organized in the following series:

MABS Approach Modules:

A series of 6 modules on the key elements of The MABS Approach to Microfinance. Each module includes presentations with speaker’s notes, product and procedural manuals, templates and tools
A series of stand-alone specialized courses to improve and expand microfinance operations. Courses provide guidance, templates and tools for account officer and middle management training, new product development, delinquency management and strategic planning

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