9th National Roundtable Conference: June 7 – 8, 2012

folder icon 9th National Roundtable Conference
June 7 – 8, 2012
Venue: 6th Floor, Ballroom, 1, Hyatt Hotel and Casino
Location: 1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar Sts., Malate, Manila
Theme: RBAP – MABS @ 15!
Presentations & Activities
Welcome Remarks
  • Ian Eric S. Pama
    RBAP President
Keynote Address – Bringing Financial Transparency and Consumer Protection to the Countryside

Discusses the regulatory vision on inclusive finance and how it creates fairness and equity for both financial institutions and clients in the countryside.

  • Chuchi G. Fonacier, Managing Director, Supervision & Examination Subsector II, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 1 – Price Transparency and Microfinance Related Regulations

  • Latest Updates from the BSP
  • How new rules on pricing transparency affect Rural Banks
  • Micro insurance Licensing Deadline
  • “Q & A” with the regulators
  • Gerardo Butardo, Acting Deputy Director, MSME Finance Specialist, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 2 – EAGLE Scorecard 2011

  • What’s My Bank’s Score?
  • Using the EAGLE Scoring Tool: Sharing by a Bank
  • Jennifer Sabianan, Microfinance Specialist, MABS
  • Vivian Lim, Human Resources Director, 1st Valley Bank
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 3 – Results of the Study on Multiple Lending and the Challenges Faced by Banks

  • Talks about the research conducted on multiple borrowings and impact on over-indebtedness to clients.
  • Provides suggestions on how banks can address this situation.
  • Ronald Chua, Professor, Asian Institute of Management


  • Teresa M. Ganzon, Managing Director for Strategic Planning, Bangko Kabayan;
  • Lalaine Joyas, Consultant
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 4 – Management Best Practices: Using Information for Competitive Advantage

  • Using MIX Market reports and updates on its developments.
  • Using MABS performance monthly reports to track banks’ performance and make informed decisions.
  • Elizabeth Larson, Regional Manager for Asia, MIX Market
  • Meliza Agabin, Deputy Chief of Party, MABS
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 5 – Using the Credit Bureau – Experiences from the field

  • How credit bureau helps the banks in mitigating the risk of getting borrowers with negative credit history.
  • MIDAS Results: What’s working; why it should be used.


  • Leonilo Coronel, Managing Director, Banker’s Association of the Philippines / Credit Bureau


  • Manuel Batallones, Manager, Credit Bureau
  • Patricia Calilong, Board of Trustee, Rafael B. Buenaventura Foundation


  • Jonas Sagum, Vice President & Head of Credit, GM Bank
  • Don Martin V. Glorioso, General Manager, Pagbilao Rural Bank
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 6 – Beyond SMS: Using Social Networks to Reach a Broader Microfinance Market

  • What is the profile of social network users in the Philippines?
  • How do Filipinos use social networks?
  • How will social network media change financial services in the country?
  • How will these new media channels affect microfinance services?
  • How can banks use social networking sites to increase customer loyalty?


  • John Owens, Chief of Party, MABS


  • Maria Ressa, CEO & Executive Editor, Rappler


  • Ret. Gen. Charles Hotchkiss, Executive Vice President, Cantilan Bank
  • Hans Roxas Chua, President & CEO, Blue Blade Technologies & Learning Edge
  • Ferdinand Sia, Consultant, MABS
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 7 – Transforming Microinsurance from Service to a Business

  • Microinsurance as a social enterprise
  • Transforming the Bank’s MI Business Model: From MBA to Agent-Partnership
  • Managing Partnerships
  • Creative Marketing and Networking
  • Client Centered Benefits


  • Ferdinand Sia, Consultant, MABS


  • Ruth Aseron, Microinsurance Coordinator, MABS


  • Zaldy W. Pacificar, Managing Director, Katipunan Bank
  • Francis Ganzon, President, Bangko Kabayan
  • Gilbert Soliven, Vice President for Business Development, Progressive Bank
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 8 – Using New Channels to Expand Microfinance Services

  • Discuss latest updates on mobile phone banking services
  • Shares experiences and lessons in building a mobile money ecosystem through merchant partners
  • Lessons Learned from Financial Education
  • Using ATM / Debit Cards for efficiency & outreach and SMS Gateway


  • Anthony Petalcorin, Senior MIS Manager, Regional Manager for Mindanao, MABS


  • Paolo Baltao, President, Globe X-Change, Inc.
  • Craig Tower, Research Officer, Microfinance Opportunities
  • Jun Perez, President & CEO, SEEDFINANCE


  • Cheryl Lualhati, Special Project Coordinator, MABS
  • Samson Cababan Jr., Microfinance Head, 1st Valley Bank
  • Melvin Joy L. Yu, Head-Office of Strategic Management, Cantilan Bank
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 9 – Sustaining and Expanding the RBAP-MABS Program

  • Presents the plans and direction of the MABS Program beyond 2012 and how it will affect rural banks.
  • Ian Eric S. Pama, RBAP President
Closing Remarks
  • Teresita Espenilla, Project Management Specialist, USAID

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