6th National Roundtable Conference: May 12 – 13, 2009

folder icon 6th National Roundtable Conference
May 12 – 13, 2009
Venue:    Hyatt Hotel and Casino
Location:    1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar Sts., Malate, Manila
Theme: Opportunities in Microfinance amidst the Global Financial Crisis
Presentations & Activities
Welcome Address
  • Atty. Francis Ganzon Chairman, RBRDFI
Opening Remarks
  • Christian Hougen, Chief, Office of Economic Development and Governance, United States Agency for International Development
Keynote Address
  • “Microfinance: The Bright Spot in Challenging Times” Governor Amando M. Tetangco Jr., Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Opportunities in Microfinance amidst the Global Financial Crisis

John Owens, Chief of Party, MABS

  • Understanding why microfinance clients are best positioned to weather the global storm
  • Why MF loans can be a good diversification strategy for your bank
  • Why promoting deposit mobilization is a good strategy for your clients and the bank
  • What are the important indicators to keep in your radar screen
Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Monitoring Your Microfinance and Bank Performance

Eulogio Masilungan, Monitoring & Research Coordinator, MABS

Participating in the MIX Market and Using Your Customized Bank Report

  • What is the MIX Market?
  • What are the value and benefits of participating for your bank?
  • What can you get from the customized MIX Market report for your bank?
  • How do you use this customized report?
  • How do you participate in the MIX Market?
  • Elizabeth Larson, Regional Manager for Asia, MIX Market

EAGLE Score Card – Your microfinance operations in a page

  • What does EAGLE stand for?
  • What value does an EAGLE Score Card bring to the bank?
  • How does your bank’s performance compare with those that performed very well?
  • What are the general areas for improvement?
  • Eulogio Martin O. Masilungan, Monitoring & Research Coordinator, MABS
 Session Moderator

Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Managing Human Resources and Organizational Best Practices

Jove Tapiador, MABS Regional Manager

Presenter Functional framework For Microfinance Organizations

  • Meliza H. Agabin, MABS Deputy Chief of Party
  • Elements to consider for organizing or re-organizing your microfinance unit operations
  • Using a checklist to determine if your bank has covered the important elements in setting up the organizational structure for microfinance operations

Organizational structure options for efficient and effective microfinance operations

  • Sharing experiences with finding the right organizational fit through the growth stages of the bank’s MF operations
  • Evaluating the lessons learned

Finding the right people: Tools for screening, hiring, retaining staff

  • Outlining tools for screening and hiring field staff
  • What makes an account officer/field staff tick? (What characteristics do you look for?)
  • Sharing what works in determining who stays and who is out after a trial period
  • Making incentives work for retaining staff and increasing staff productivity
  • Vivian Lim, HR Head, 1st Valley Bank

Panel: Best Practices in Supervision: Experiences from the field

  • Understanding the role of a microfinance head
  • Why training and coaching your staff matter
  • Using the tools of supervision – what we learned from MABS
  • The importance of senior management support to training and re-training in your bank
  • Emy Rocero, MABS Microfinance Specialist

During this session, Microfinance Unit Heads from two banks will contribute their experiences and insights on what have worked for them in supervising microfinance field staff

Eddie Revilla, RB Mabitac
Edwin Verona, GM Bank

Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Turning around: Licking the PAR problem

Eulogio Masilungan

  • Understanding the factors that lead to delinquency and factors to watch
  • Two banks will also share the initiatives and steps taken to turn around their delinquency problem and improve their portfolio quality
  • Cecille Tanael, President, Rural Bank of Mabitac
  • Giovanni Gabriento, HR Head, Rural Bank of Digos

Effectively Using the Small Claims Court

  • Opportunities in using the New Small Claims Court (SCC) system
  • How can your bank access the SCC to help you with challenging collection cases?
  • Sharing of two banks experiences on litigating collection cases through the SCC for quick loan collection decisions
  • Judge Monette Singh, Regional Trial Court Judge, Quezon City
    Supreme Court Technical Working Group for Small Claims Court

Testimonials on collection cases brought before the Small Claims Court

  • Rey Anthony Ladroma, Branch Manager, Green Bank Odelon Alpindo, Head, MF Individual Lending, GM Bank

Handling a Bank Run

  • Understanding what events can cause a bank run
  • How do you prepare your bank against a bank run
  • What can your bank do when a bank run happens
  • Lessons learned and some tips for avoiding and reversing the impact of potential bank runs
  • Examples of dealing with bank runs caused by the Asian Financial Crisis & the Legacy Bank Scandal
  • Atty. Francis Ganzon, President, Bangko Kabayan
Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Taking Advantage of New Products and Services

Ruth Aseron, Microinsurance Coordinator, MABS

Microinsurance: A Strategic Option to Remain Competitive

  • Choosing the right product for your bank and clients
  • Earning revenues from effectively delivering microinsurance services
  • Effectively communicating to clients the value of microinsurance
  • Richard Leftley, President/CEO, MicroEnsure International

Housing Microfinance

  • Preparing for a Housing Microfinance Loan Product
  • Experiences from the initial pilot testing of the Housing
    Microfinance Loan Product
  • Meliza H. Agabin, MABS Deputy Chief of Party

Nokia Phone Financing

  • Opportunities providing Nokia Phone Financing
  • Experiences & lessons learned from the field
  • John Quimbo, President, Altus Communications
  • Frances G. Costa, Operations Manager, Bangko Kabayan
Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version New Technologies to Improve Outreach and Efficiency

Anthony Petalcorin, MABS Senior MIS Manager & Regional Manager for Mindanao

Using the GCASH Platform for Mobile Phone Banking Services: New Developments

  • Opportunities for Rural Banks: Marketing Text-A-Bills Payment (to local utility companies) and Text-A-Sweldo (Payroll Servicing) to increase deposit level and fee-based income
  • Leveraging Merchants and Resellers to expand Rural Bank client base and increase Cash-in and Cash-out outlets
  • Paolo Baltao, Head, Product Group, G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI)
  • Nixon Mahilum, MABS Mobile Phone Banking Specialist

Customer Relation Management via SMS

  • Innovative and effective ways for banks to use automated SMS to gain competitive advantage and reach clients in more remote areas
  • Marketing campaigns through mobile phone as a cost effective alternative to conventional methods
  • Automating loan approval messages & loan repayment reminders
  • Banking updates & personalized customer messages
  • Using SMS for customer satisfaction & market surveys
  • Research Findings: Experiences from the field using automated SMS reminders for loan payments andcontractual savings
  • Mel Yuson, President, My Click Technology
  • Tomoko Harigaya, Philippine Country Director, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)
Closing Remarks
  • Elzadia Washington, Deputy Mission Director, USAID

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