7th National Roundtable Conference: June 2 – 3, 2010

folder icon 7th National Roundtable Conference
June 2 – 3, 2010
Venue:    Hyatt Hotel and Casino
Location:    1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar Sts., Malate, Manila
Theme:  Microfinance: From Best Practice to Next Practice
Presentations & Activities
Welcome Address
  • Joseph Omar O. Andaya
    President, Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines
Keynote Address
  • “Microfinance in this Decade”
    Amando M. Tetangco Jr., Governor, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Trends and Challenges in Microfinance for this Decade

Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Opportunities in Microfinance amidst the Global Financial Crisis

John Owens, Chief of Party, MABS

  • What are the market issues that will be faced by microfinance players in the near term?
  • How will microfinance institutions answer to the challenges of competition and client over-indebtedness?
  • How are regulations supporting the transition to next practices in the Philippines?
  • Branchless banking and channel management – how will it reach the under-banked and unbanked?
  • Joseph Omar Andaya, President and CEO, Green Bank
  • Tomas Gomez IV, President, GM Bank
  • Pia Roman-Tayag, Head, Inclusive Finance Advocacy Staff, BSP

Transparency and Consumer Protection

Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Monitoring Your Microfinance and Bank Performance

Eulogio Masilungan, Monitoring & Research Coordinator, MABS

Social Performance Management

  • What is social performance management?
  • What is social performance management in the banking context?
  • What are the value and benefits of having a social performance agenda for your bank?
  • What are the international trends on social performance and how can rural banks be pro-active?
  • Micol Pistelli, Manager, Social Performance Program, MIX Market
  • Marco Boa, Regional Manager – Asia, MicraFinanza
  • James Soukamneuth, PhD; Asia Office Director, Planet Ratings

The MIX Market – Results and Trends

  • How do Philippine rural banks compare with their regional peers in microfinance?
  • What areas of strength do rural banks have over their regional counterparts?
  • What areas of improvement can Philippine rural banks find from the MIX market reports?
  • Micol Pistelli, Manager, Social Performance Program, MIX Market

The EAGLE Score Card – Results and Trends

  • How does your bank’s performance compare with those that performed very well?
  • What are the general areas for improvement?
  • What are the observed trends among banks based on the EAGLE?
  • What are the changes/modifications to the EAGLE Scoring System for 2010?
  • Eulogio Martin Masilungan, Monitoring & Research Coordinator, MABS

(Individual banks can consult with MABS technical staff on their scorecard and discuss specific areas for improvement after the EAGLE Score Card presentation)

Transitioning from Best Practices to Next Practices

Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Credit Scoring and Electronic Loan Applicatons

Jove Tapiador, MABS Regional Manager for Luzon

Trends on Group Liability and Individual Liability

  • Presents a four-year research study on the merits and benefits of group liability and individual liability
  • Dispelling myths on group liability versus individual liability
  • Rebecca Hughes, Country Director, Institute for Poverty Action
  • Gerald Guillen, Head of Microfinance Unit, Green Bank
  • Jennifer Sabianan, Microfinance Specialist, MABS
Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version MARKETING, SALE AND SERVICING OF MICROINSURANCE PRODUCTS

Ruth Aseron, Microinsurance Coordinator, MABS

Helping Rural Banks Comply with Microinsurance Regulations

  • Shows steps in accreditation and compliance to microinsurance regulation
  • Identifies various micro-insurance products, providers, and clients
  • Shares challenges and learning experiences of banks negotiating with insurance companies
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities between banks and insurers
  • Vida Chiong, Deputy Commissioner, Insurance Commission
  • Tomas Gomez IV, Chairman, RBRDFI
  • Gerry Butardo, Head – MSME Finance Specialist Group, BSP
  • Geraldine Desiderio, General Manager, Country Bankers Life
Panelist and Moderator

Girlie Lopez, MABS Regional Coordinator for Visayas

Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Management

  • Identifies fraud and its many faces
  • How do banks manage fraud cases?
  • Provides recommendations on prevention, early detection, and management of fraud
  • Teresa Ganzon, Managing Director, Bangko Kabayan
  • Vivian Lim, HR Director, 1st Valley Bank
  • Oscar Maninantan, Internal Audit Head, FICO Bank

Breakout Sessions: Launching New Products and Services

Presenter and Moderator

Meliza H. Agabin, MABS Deputy Chief of Party

Session 1: Housing Microfinance, Addressing Home Improvements and Housing Needs

  • Provides understanding of the market and regulatory basis for Housing Microfinance
  • Discusses accreditation requirements and procedures
  • Presents ways to institute an effective Housing MF product
  • Teresa Ganzon, Managing Director, Bangko Kabayan
  • Gen. Charles Hotchkiss (Ret.), Chairman, Cantilan Bank
  • Gerry Butardo, Head – MSME Finance Specialist Group, BSP
Presenter and Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Functional framework For Microfinance Organizations

Moderator: Ruth Aseron, Microinsurance Coordinator, MABS
Presenter: Dinah Verallo, President, FAIR Bank

Session 2: Developing, Marketing, and Managing Micro-Insurance Products and Partners

  • Shows how to negotiate and craft contractual agreements between banks and insurers
  • Explains the rationale for marketing micro-insurance products to bank clients
  • Shares experiences in meeting client demands for micro insurance
  • Points to how banks prepare their clients and organization to market micro-insurance products
  • Shows how to sell and distribute micro-insurance products to clients
  • Provides general steps in meeting claims and troubleshooting common complaints
  • Reggie Ocampo, President, First Macro Bank
  • Geric Laude, Vice-President, Pioneer Life
  • William Martirez, Country Manager, MicroEnsure Philippines

Transforming Your Organization through Technology

Session Moderator Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Functional framework For Microfinance Organizations

Anthony Petalcorin, MABS Senior MIS Manager & Regional Manager for Mindanao

The Breakthrough Decade of Mobile Phone Banking

  • Shares current practices in mobile banking
  • Identifies markets to be served through mobile banking
  • Points to challenges in establishing an m-banking ecosystem
  • Shows key structural changes needed for successful m-banking
  • Explains how m-banking boosts deposits and enables product cross-selling
  • Jaime Fraginal Jr., Head of Sales, G-Xchange Inc.
  • Marcelino Pangda, Mobile Phone Banking Officer, Green Bank

New Developments in Technology

  • Identifies emerging issues in mobile banking technology
  • Shows how technology can acquire new customers
  • Explains how technology can develop new market niches
  • Reggie Ocampo, President, First Macro Bank
  • Rebecca Hughes, Country Director, Innovations for Poverty Action
  • Christine Amarra, Project/Program Manager, Blue Blade Technologies

Marketing Strategies in Highly Competitive Markets

  • Discusses how rural bankers can adapt to changing customer demands
  • Identifies attractive value propositions to stand out against competition
  • Suggests ways to prepare your organization to adapt to new service arrangements for new markets
  • Jove Tapiador, Regional Manager for Luzon, MABS
  • Mike Rios, Consultant, Microfinance Opportunities

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