8th National Roundtable Conference: May 23 – 24, 2011

folder icon 8th National Roundtable Conference
May 23 – 24, 2011
Venue:    Hyatt Hotel and Casino
Location:    1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar Sts., Malate, Manila
Theme:  Microfinance – Facing a New Paradigm
Presentations & Activities
Welcome Remarks
  • Corazon L. Miller
    President, RBAP
Keynote Address

  • “Microfinance- Facing a New Paradigm”
  • Deputy Gov. Nestor Espenilla, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 1- Taking advantage of new regulations to expand MF services

  • MBOs
  • Micro-Deposits
  • KYC procedures
  • EMI/EMNSP guidelines
  • Pia Roman-Tayag, BSP
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 2- Taking advantage of new regulations to expand MF services

  • MIX Market Performance Report 2009 for participating rural banks
  • Allan Sicat, MCPI

The EAGLE Scorecard – Changes and Trends

  • Jennifer Sabianan, MABS
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 3 – “The Price is Right”

  • Determining your MF products APR and where they fall along the transparent pricing curve
  • Laila Deles and Darrel Flores,
    MF Transparency
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 4 – “The Changing Face of Microfinance and Rural Banking”

  • What are the forces that now drive change in microfinance and how do these forces affect rural banks?
  • How do current and upcoming microfinance regulations affect the practice of rural banks?
  • What do rural bankers need to do now to adapt to these changes?

Panel Discussion Moderator:

  • John V. Owens


  • Dep. Gov. Nestor Espenilla
  • Ronald Chua, AIM
  • Tomas Gomez IV, GM Bank
  • Francis Ganzon, Bangko Kabayan
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 5 – A fresh perspective on mobilizing Micro-deposit

  • Understanding micro-deposit as defined by regulations
  • What are the benefits and challenges of mobilizing micro-deposits?
  • Strategies for banks in developing a micro-deposit product
  • Examples from the field


  • Mely Agabin, Gen. W.K. Hotchkiss, Cantilan Bank
  • Joel Luna, 1st Valley Bank, Gerardo Butardo, BSP
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 6 – 6 -Working with Value Chain for Agriculture Microfinance

  • Experiences with product value chain for small farmers
  • How value chain approach mitigates risks for farmers and lenders
  • Emiterio Sanson, Jr., MABS
  • Rolando Victoria, Exec. Director, ASKI
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 7 – Experiences using New Technologies to expand Microfinance Operations

  • Evolution and update on mobile phone banking services (Channel Management, Financial Education, 4Ps/CCT)
  • Experiences offering SMS services to clients
  • Using ATMs as a Channel to reach and service customers


  • Anthony Petalcorin


  • Jove Tapiador, MABS
  • Cecil Tanael, RB Mabitac
  • W. K. Hotchkiss, Cantilan Bank
  • Cynthia Rudinas, 1VBank

Resource Persons:

  • Mary Rose Contreras, BSP
  • James Fraginal, GXI
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 8 – Credit Bureau at Your Service

  • Experiences with the Credit Bureau
  • Moving Forward: Plans for the microfinance sector

Resource Speakers:

  • Topper Coronel, BAP-CB
  • Mila Bunker, MCPI


  • Ives Nisce, Rang-ay Bank
  • Cora Miller, Countrybank of Taguig
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 9 – Responsible and Effective Sales, Marketing and Servicing of Microinsurance by Rural Banks

  • What are the top 3 Must Dos for rural banks that offer microinsurance?
  • What are the first 3 steps for rural banks that have yet to offer microinsurance?
  • Monitoring the top performance indicators to track your microinsurance partner and services.

Resource Speaker:

  • Michael McCord, Microinsurance Center


  • Paolo Honrado, RB Guinobatan
  • Manuel R. Melencio, UniLink Bank
  • Gerardo Butardo, BSP

Activity: Speed-Networking Meeting

(i) Microinsurance Providers
(ii) Technology Providers

  1.  E-money Providers
  2.  ATM Providers

(iii) Technical Assistance Providers

Networking Marshall:

  • Adora Santos
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Session 10 – Market Leadership Strategies for Rural Banks

  • What world-class practices create market leadership?
  • What can we learn from other service industries that transformed their company brands and approaches?
  • How can rural banks practically apply these strategies?
  • Dr. Eduardo (Ned) Roberto

Closing Remarks

  • Daniel A. Miller,
    Deputy Chief, Office of Economic Development & Governance, USAID

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