Operations Review

Module 6: Operations Review


The Operations Review aims at assessing the acceptability of a bank’s product to the clients and bank staff, evaluating how the product is being serviced and delivered, and identifying areas for improvement.  The ultimate objective is to make the product fit to what the market wants and make it competitive with the products that other suppliers offer in the same market.  The Operations Review process provides the bank an opportunity to listen to clients and what the MF staff say, observe and do.

The first product Operations Review is conducted after the first six months of the pilot test of the micro loan product, or upon reaching 100 clients.  The Operations Review is not a one-time activity. The bank should make it a practice to review the microfinance products and services they offer to clients at appropriate intervals. Products have their life cycle also. Banks must not wait for signs of product decay before conducting an operations review.

To obtain objectivity, outside consultants who have sufficient background on microfinance and banking should conduct the operations review.  However, if the bank has a market research and product development unit, which is not involved in operations, this unit can undertake the Operations Review using the guideline and tools in this module.


By the end of the module, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Use the tools for listening to clients including Exit Survey, Focus Group Discussions, and Guideline for interviewing clients who have left the bank.
  • Conduct an actual operations review.
  • Interpret and analyze the information gathered from officers, staff, and clients.
  • Write an Operations Review Report.

Target participants

  • MABS Service Provider (MSP) Consultants
  • Senior and/or middle management
  • MFU Supervisor
  • For banks with a market research and product development unit, some personnel from this unit can also be trained if the bank wants to have institutional capability to conduct its own Product Operations Review.

Course Content



Overview of Operations Review Scope and Process

Power point presentation

1/2 hour

The Tools: Exit Survey, FGD, Guide to Interviewing Delinquent Clients Orientation/Discussion

1 hour

Reviewing loan documentation

Field Practicum

1 hour

FGD with AOs and Supervisors; FGD with Clients; Interviewing Delinquent Clients; Exit Survey; Field Visit with Existing Clients

Field Practicum

5 hours

Processing Information and Report Preparation

Field Practicum

5 hours

Exit Meeting with Senior and Middle Management

Presentation of Highlights of Findings and Recommendations

1 hour


The Module on Operations Review is mostly a hands-on training where the facilitator guides the participants through a field practicum simulating the processes that happen in an actual operations review.

During the field practicum, the participants will be divided into 2 or 3 teams, depending on the number of participants. Each team will be assigned specific tasks to do. For example, a team may be assigned to review sample loan folders and conduct an FGD with the account officers and supervisors. Another team may be assigned to conduct the FGDs with clients; while another will conduct the exit survey and visit/interview with some delinquent clients. The team assigned to particular tasks will also be responsible for processing the respective information that the team gathered.

Module Content:
Microsoft Office Word 2003 or higher version
session guide
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 or higher version
Microsoft Office Word 2003 or higher version
session guide
Microsoft Office Word 2003 or higher version
Microsoft Office Word 2003 or higher version
session guide
Click the link to access documents. Operations Review Tools

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