Performance Monitoring

Module 5:  MABS-Performance Monitoring System (M-PMS)

Monitoring the performance of microfinance operations on an on-going basis enables the bank to detect problems early and identify opportunities. The bank can evaluate the quality of its portfolio, its performance against targets and the profitability of operations.

The MABS Performance Monitoring System provides a platform and package of reports to assist the bank in monitoring its operations efficiently.

Objectives of the System:

    • Provide participating banks with a performance monitoring system and report templates
    • Provide skills training on system installation and operation
    • Review performance monitoring reports and skills to collect and analyze data for reports
Note: Save presentations to your computer and open in powerpoint to view speaker’s notes.
Module Content:
A. Module Description
Microsoft Office Word 2003 or higher version MABS 2005 Performance Monitoring System Module Guide
session guide
Microsoft Office Word 2003 or higher version MABS Performance Monitoring System Module Training Schedule
session guide
B. Module Learning Sessions & Tools
Click the link to access documents. Module Learning Sessions & Tools

  • Presentations, Reference Material and Exercise
  • Installation and User’s Guides
  • Performance Monitoring Tool, version 2005

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