Accreditation Course

GCASH Accreditation Training

Interested rural banks planning to obtain accreditation to offer cash-in and cash-out services will be assisted by RBAP in the process of getting certification from the BSP as a bank authorized to offer mobile phone banking services utilizing the GCash Platform. During the training, participants will be provided a complete set of accreditation kit and will be guided in the process of GCash accreditation. The training will also equip the rural banks with the Mobile Phone Banking Manuals and required bank procedures, which have been reviewed and approved by the BSP. These procedures fulfill the BSP electronic banking requirements.

 GCASH Accreditation Training Set
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Guide to Conducting the GCash Accreditation Training
Click the link to access documents. Training Modules
Click the link to access documents. Hands-on Exercises
Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or higher version
Other Materials to be provided to Participants
Click the link to access documents. GCASH Accreditation Requirements
Click the link to access documents. Manuals for Bank To Offer MPB Services
Click the link to access documents. Reports Templates

SMART MONEY Accreditation Training

During the SMART Money Accreditation Training, participants are given first-hand experience in understanding how they could assist their clients to receive and activate their SMART Money Instant Cards and perform Money-In Money-Out (MIMO) transactions. The course also briefs the participants on the basics of SMART Money, the responsibilities of being a partner SMART Money Center and the proper handling of MIMO transactions, pre-funding of SMART Money wallets, consolidation, settlement and reconciliation of encashment, appropriate security and internal control measures that banks should have in place, accounting entries, as well as proper tracking and monitoring SMART Money transactions. All the training materials included step-by-step procedures with a detailed checklist of requirements and templates to assist rural banks to quickly become accredited to offer Smart Money services.


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