Security Policy

Manuals GCASH:  Security Policy

The contents of this management information systems security policy manual are applicable to all Information Technology Resources, Management Information Systems and Information in the form of hard or soft copy at all levels of sensitivity, whether information obtained, created, or maintained by the bank.

This policy is mandatory to all organizational units, employees, contractors, consultants, temporaries and other workers of the bank, including those workers affiliated with third parties who access the bank computer systems and information of any form.

Throughout this policy, the word “worker” will be used to collectively refer to all such individuals. This policy also applies to all automated technology, manual or electronic transfer of information currently in existence and to any automated technology or information systems acquired in the future and to all computer and data communication systems owned by and/or administered by the Bank.

This policy covers both accidental and intentional disclosure of, and or damage to, the bank information systems controls.

Module Content
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