Papers and Policy

Note: Save presentations to your computer and open in powerpoint to view speaker’s notes.
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Microsavings: What We Can Learn From Informal Savings Scheme
This paper seeks to analyze innovative approaches to providing savings services for lower-income groups. This paper also examines how several institutions have come up with innovative approaches for providing microsavings, the costs of managing these types of small savings products, and what other financial institutions can learn from these approaches in order to offer saving services to small savers.
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version An Alternative Approach to Rural Financial Intermediation: The Philippine Experience
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that the Philippine approach to rural finance improves of the strategies currently in vogue and thus offers a better chance of solving the problem of underdeveloped rural financial markets.
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Experience of the Philippines’ Rural Banks in Microfinance
Published in Asian Development Bank’s Finance for the Poor – a quarterly newsletter of the Focal Point for Microfinance. This highlights the Philippine Rural Banking System and the Rural Finance Programs of the Government. The article talks about the Microenterprise Access to Banking Services (MABS) Program, program that assists rural banks to develop the capability to profitably provide financial services — both loan and deposit services — to the microenterprise sector. 
Adobe Reader 7 or higher version Rural Banks and Microinsurance Regulations
This paper discusses the role of the Rural Bankers’ Association of the Philippines in helping develop a facilitative regulatory environment for microinsurance cross-selling by their members.
Click the link to access documents. Activity-Based Costing
Activity-based costing (ABC) is an exercise to assist institutions in estimating the costs of performing specific operations, like conducting a cash flow analysis or the collection of a delinquent account.  The ability to quantify the costs of microfinance operations is a powerful tool for pricing products and managing costs.  This folder includes a primer on activity-based costing developed by CGAP and a report summarizing the activities and output of an activity-based costing exercise at a MABS participating bank.
Click the link to access documents. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Circulars
The BSP supervises operations of banks and exercises regulatory powers over non-bank financial institutions with quasi-banking functions. Circulars issued by the BSP provide guidance on regulations governing banking activities. BSP Circulars collected in this folder include regulations that pertain to microfinance operations. (updated as of September 2012)Download the Most Updated List of Circulars Related to Microfinance from the Bangko Sentral Website
Click the link to access documents. Disaster Management
This folder includes resources for banks to develop a strategy to prepare for and respond to disasters.
Click the link to access documents. Incentive Schemes
An incentive scheme supports a bank’s efforts toward profitability, portfolio quality and scale. This folder includes an evaluation of incentive schemes of selected MABS participating banks and a paper with recommendations and examples of productivity-based incentive plans.
Click the link to access documents. Microfinance Information eXchange (MIX)View profiles of MIX participating banks in the PhilippinesThe MIX is an international network promoting information exchange in the microfinance industry. The MIX offers data sourcing, benchmarking, monitoring tools, and specialized information services. This folder includes a fact sheet that summarizes resources available though the MIX and an Asian Benchmarking Report published by the MIX in 2005.

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