Managing Delinquency

Course Description

The course on Managing Delinquency and Small Claims Courts is a training and workshop activity designed to assist bank senior management in formulating a strategy to address delinquent accounts.

Rationale and Objectives

By the end of the module, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Apply analytical tools in evaluating their bank’s delinquency problems and their causes
  • Identify areas within client selection and loan administration procedures in which improvements can be made to prevent delinquency
  • Identify internal reports that can assist in the detection and monitoring of delinquency
  • Classify delinquent accounts and assign appropriate strategies to assist in their recovery
  • Understand the purpose of writing off loans and create internal policies to guide loan write-off policies for the bank internally
  • Understand the importance of the remedial management and identify an appropriate organizational structure to establish a remedial management unit within the bank
  • Prepare a practical action plan to be reviewed by bank management to develop an internal remedial management strategy
  • Effectively use Small Claims Court procedures and other collection strategies in order to collect delinquent accounts

Target Audience

  • Bank President
  • General Managers of Department Heads (Internal Control, Audit, Microfinance Unit)
  • Branch Managers
  • Microfinance Supervisors
  • Loan Officers


The Course on Managing Delinquency combines lecture, discussion, and group exercises in a two-day workshop:

View Workshop Materials

Day 1

Session 1. Portfolio Analysis (Introduction with workshop, exercise and Lecture discussion)
Session 2. Root Causes of Delinquency, Preventive and Remedial Measures (workshop and lecture-discussion)
Session 3. Different Strokes for Different Delinquency Phase (workshop and lecture)

Day 2

Session 4. Management of Hardened Accounts Loan Write offs (workshop and lecture-discussion)
Session 5. Management of Hardened Accounts-RMU Workshop (lecture-discussion and Q&A)
Session 6. Legal Action and Small Claims Court (lecture discussion, role playing, and Q&A on the quick guide)



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