Learning Centers

MABS Learning Centers
as of August 2010

Rural Bank of Santo Tomas
Cantilan Bank
Green Bank of Caraga
Rural Bank of Mabitac
Bangko Mabuhay
Banco Santiago de Libon

Learning Centers

As a Learning Center, a MABS participating bank serves as a host to other banks or financial institutions that are interested in learning how to effectively implement the MABS Approach to microfinance.

During “exposure visits,” when staff from a rural bank visit a MABS Learning Center, the host bank organizes activities to expose staff from visiting institutions to core aspects of the MABS Approach to microfinance, including senior management orientation, market research and loan administration and management.

Use the Learning Center ToolKit to:

  • Develop presentations that profile the history of the bank, a summary of microfinance operations, snapshots of the microfinance portfolio and experiences in adopting the MABS Approach
  • Organize internal training events
  • Organize and implement effective meetings and visits for visitors
  • Carry out the responsibilities of a MABS Learning Center
Note: Save presentations to your computer and open in powerpoint to view speaker’s notes.
Learning Center ToolKit:
Microsoft Office Word 2003 or higher version Standard Toolkit for Learning Centers
Click the link to access documents. Presentations
Click the link to access documents. Tools
Click the link to access documents. Handouts

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